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    Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)-[Korea]IN Jin-mi
    Residency Period:2013.6.17-8.16
    Venue:Taipei National University of the Arts/Kuando Museum of Fine Arts
    • Artist Talk:2013.07.10 (Wed.), 13:30 (Multimedia Room)
    • Workshop:2013.07.31 (Wed.), 13:30 (Multimedia Room)
    • Open Studio:2013.08.06 (Tue.), 13:30 (1 1/2F Gallery)
    • Exhibition Date:2013.08.06~2013.08.11 ( 1 1/2F Gallery) 

    IN Jin-mi [Korea]
    IN Jin-mi was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1971.

    She graduated from Incheon University with a degree in French language and literature in 1995. In 1996, IN Jin-mi was encouraged by her friend in film club and made her debut in the feature film business. She worked as an assistant director for Two Cops 2 (1996), and pursued a career as a production staff for Baby Sale (1997) and Film-making (1997). She made her feature directorial debut with Open to You (2012), which she wrote, directed and edited herself.

    Jin-mi has also expanded many areas into visual art: She planned a seminar titled “Bonghwa Art Stay” and made art books in 2011. In 2012 she held “How to dream other side” at Geumcheon Art Space, an exhibition for media images dealing with urban problems.

    While in Taiwan, Jin-mi will continue her series “Parallels Geumcheon,” which is dealing with urban problems, displayed under the concept, Timeless & Spaceless. Jin-mi will contain city of Taipei in the film using a time lapse technique, and reinterpret the city by dividing the screen and combining the scenes with the scenes of Geumcheon, which will lead to showing contrast yet familiar landscapes and images. Jin-mi will record the whole processes and conduct interviews with the artists and people in Taipei before making it into a making film.

    About "Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)" 
    The Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts aims to enhance the experience exchange between the national / international artists, university students/tutors and museum/audiences. By having the artists in the museum, it provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences to create a conversation and a platform at the university to share the resource and the learning progress. The Artist-In-Residency Program is open for both national and international artists. Each project lasts from the least two weeks to the maximal two months. We provide the terrific artist studio and the working facility to the artists as well as a strong team based from the museum staffs is supported. From 2005, various visual artists from all over the world have been continually participated in the AIR program. Through the public events that had been held by KdMoFA (such as "Artist Talk", "Open Studio", "Artist Workshop" and the "Presenting Exhibition" ), they allowed themselves to present the works and share the experiences of practice with students during their resident time at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

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