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    Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)-[Canada]Christine Swintak
    Residency Period:2013.5.15-6.15
    Venue:Taipei National University of the Arts/Kuando Museum of Fine Arts
    • Artist Talk: 2013.05.29 (Wed.),15:30 (Multimedia Room)
    • Open Studio: 2013.06.08 (Sat.) (Studio&Curator's Office)
    • Workshop: 2013.06.11 (Tue.),13:30 (1 1/2F Gallery)
    • Exhibition Date: 2013.06.11~06.16 (1 1/2F Gallery)

    Christine Swintak[Canada]
    Swintak was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1977. Approaching the world as her studio, she travels to various locations and improvises projects in response to a given site, often using materials or resources found on location. Her past large-scale projects include building the most banal rollercoaster ever made in the head office of an energy drink corporation, moving an entire house by hand carrying it without the aid of machinery, building a full-size ship through collective improvisation in lieu of a blue print or plan, renovating a large city dumpster into a luxury hotel, and boiling her body into a broth that was served to over one hundred people.

    Swintak graduated from NSCAD University in 2003.She has exhibited at galleries, festivals and museums across Canada and internationally. She has been the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Canada Council International Residency at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, a fellowship at the Headlands Centre for the Arts in San Francisco, and a Chalmers Fellowship from the Ontario Arts Council.

    While in residence at Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Swintak will be stealing 100 waters. Traveling to various sites across the island, she will collect different types of water (such as found water, dew, tap water, ocean mist, spring water), and carry them back to the gallery where they will be exhibited alongside a video of the process of gathering them. Water is both the most abundant and precious thing on earth. Without water there is no life. Inspired by the rich variety of water in Taiwan, the collection of 100 Stolen Waters functions as a portrait of the island. The list of waters becomes a type of poem; a brief meditation on the most vital and vanishing resource of the planet. To whom does it belong?

    About "Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)" 
    The Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts aims to enhance the experience exchange between the national / international artists, university students/tutors and museum/audiences. By having the artists in the museum, it provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences to create a conversation and a platform at the university to share the resource and the learning progress. The Artist-In-Residency Program is open for both national and international artists. Each project lasts from the least two weeks to the maximal two months. We provide the terrific artist studio and the working facility to the artists as well as a strong team based from the museum staffs is supported. From 2005, various visual artists from all over the world have been continually participated in the AIR program. Through the public events that had been held by KdMoFA (such as "Artist Talk", "Open Studio", "Artist Workshop" and the "Presenting Exhibition" ), they allowed themselves to present the works and share the experiences of practice with students during their resident time at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

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