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    Forum focuses on Japan's all-female musical theatre
    Prof. Hosoi Naoko from Rikkyo University and Mr. Kusano Akira from the Takarazuka Revue gave indepth looks at Japan's performance arts and popular culture at a TNUA forum in November.

    Some other guest speakers from Japan also took part in this second edition of the in-depth forum series arranged by the Department of Theatre Arts. The rst was held in May 2013.

    In her talk, Prof. Hosoi from Rikkyo's Department of Intercultural Communication, looked at the famous Japanese Takarazuka Revue and Shochiku Kageki Dan troupes, as she traced the history of how all-female musical theatre evolved from a foreign import into a widely accepted form of stage performance in Japan.

    She also showed historical materials and vintage video footage to illustrate the development of such a form of theatre in Japan.

    Mr. Kusano, a director and playwright from Takarazuka Revue, talked about his latest work "One." With more than 40 years of theatre experience under his belt, Mr. Kusano is best loved by the audiences for the oriental avors and sensual beauty in his works.

    The director noted that the actresses of his troupe are all between the ages of 15 and 35, and all of them are single.

    He revealed the usual work behind each Takarazuka production: the director submits a project, which includes the script, as well as ideas for music, lighting, costumes and stage settings.

    After numerous discussions and refinements, the company usually manages to boil down the production cost to only one fifth of the original proposed sum. The entire process of planning and rehearsing usually takes at least 40 days.

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