Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)-[United State]Nathalie Anglès

Poster:Post date:2013-10-15
Nathalie Anglès

2013.10.17 (Thr) at 1:30PM
Venue: Fine Arts Department F215

Nathalie Anglès[United State]
Since 2009, Nathalie Anglès is co-founder and Executive Director of Residency Unlimited (RU). RU is a New York based non profit arts organization that fosters customised residencies for artists and curators through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions. Until now, RU has hosted residencies for close to 100 artists and curators from all over the world.

website: www.residencyunlimited.org

About "Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR)" 
The Artist-In-Residency Program (AIR) at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts aims to enhance the experience exchange between the national / international artists, university students/tutors and museum/audiences. By having the artists in the museum, it provides a great opportunity for artists and audiences to create a conversation and a platform at the university to share the resource and the learning progress. The Artist-In-Residency Program is open for both national and international artists. Each project lasts from the least two weeks to the maximal two months. We provide the terrific artist studio and the working facility to the artists as well as a strong team based from the museum staffs is supported. From 2005, various visual artists from all over the world have been continually participated in the AIR program. Through the public events that had been held by KdMoFA (such as "Artist Talk", "Open Studio", "Artist Workshop" and the "Presenting Exhibition" ), they allowed themselves to present the works and share the experiences of practice with students during their resident time at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.

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